Things You Need to Know about Baby Born at 35 Weeks

Things You Need to Know about Baby Born at 3 Weeks
Baby Born at 3 Weeks
The baby born at 35 weeks is considered as premature. That is because the standard birthing time for babies is about 40 weeks, plus minus one week. That is why if your baby is born on the 35th week, then you can say that the baby is premature. Then, what should you do with the baby? This is a question of many new mothers. Of course, there are things that you need to highlight. Yet, you should not worry about the baby that born on the 35th week. Here are things that you need to know about that premature baby.

The Causes of Premature Baby

There are a lot of reasons why your baby is premature, birthing before the 40th week. Some of them are the fact that you have multiple birthing, the security of your baby inside the womb, and the lack of nutrient supplies for the baby.

The last one is the most important of all. It is because a baby with enough supply of nutrient will grow properly. That is why if you are taking a good care of yourself, there is a small chance that the baby will be born prematurely. So, take a good care of your health for the baby too.

Possible Complications of Premature Baby

Premature means that the baby born before its time. This is an unusual situation. That is why there are some possible problems or complications that might happen to your baby. For the start, there is a chance that your baby will acquire the jaundice. This is something very common because before the age of 40 weeks, the liver of your baby is not fully developed. As the result, the baby is not able to deal with the toxin inside the womb. As the result, your baby might have the jaundice.

Breathing problem is another possible complication that might occur on baby born at 35 weeks. That is because similar with the liver; the lungs are not fully developed before the age of 40 weeks. Yet, if the birth is through the surgery, the chance of getting this kind of complication is quite small. The last one is the body temperature. The fluctuation of body temperature is something rarely happen to the baby with normal birthing. Yet, this is something quite often on the premature baby. If the problem is dealt properly, you do not need to worry about this problem.

Immediate Treatments for Premature Baby

It is not a secret that many mothers will panic if their baby born before its time. This is actually one thing that will make the condition worse. If you experience the same thing, you should not panic. That is because there are a lot of immediate treatments that your baby can get even though your baby born prematurely. For the start, your baby needs the proper respiration support to help the baby breath. This one is important for babies with breathing problems.

If your baby has no respiration problem, the baby still needs the UV radiation at the delivery room. This one is because your baby needs the treatment to prevent the possible skin problems. As an addition, the UV radiation will help the baby from the jaundice. The point to highlight is the treatment inside the delivery room. This is the important key that will help your premature baby to survive on his or her critical moment.

Those things mentioned above are some of the basic things that you need to know about the premature baby. Even though the premature birthing is something that many people fear, this is a condition that happens often. That is why there are a lot of treatments that you can get for baby born at 35 weeks. That means you can have less worry. So, you should not worry that much if you give a birth to a baby with the age of less than 40 weeks.

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