4 Most Common Tetanus Vaccine Side Effects on Kids

4 Most Common Tetanus Vaccine Side Effects on Kids
Tetanus Vaccine Side Effects
Tetanus is considered as one of those illnesses for kids. There are a lot of kids who experience this kind of thing. As they grow older, the chance of getting tetanus is getting lower. It is because of the increasing immune system of their body. That is why the tetanus vaccine is usually meant for the kids.

Then, there is a question that arises. What are the tetanus vaccine side effects for kids? The question arises because of the fact that kids have less immune system compared with the adults. If you are asking the same thing, here are four most common side effects of tetanus vaccine for the kids.

Redness and Swelling

The redness and swelling is not a problem. Yet, a lot of parents are afraid that these things can be quite dangerous. If you have the same thought, there is nothing to worry about. It is because the immune system is reacting to the vaccine. As the result, you can find the redness and swelling on the area where the vaccine is injected. That is the main point to highlight. Go to the doctor immediately if you find the redness or swelling on some other areas. That is not something common to happen.

Joint Pain

The feeling of pain on the joints is another one of the side effects of the tetanus vaccine to the kids. That is because the vaccine is going inside the body. The pain is considered as the advance side effects of the tetanus vaccine injection. It is because most of the kids will only feel the stiffness on their joints.

Most of the time, they will feel it around the area of their arms and shoulders. That is the area where they usually get the injection. Because of that, it is advisable for the kids to rest after getting the shot to prevent the further tetanus vaccine side effects.


Fever is a good side effect for those who are vaccinated. That is because the immune system is responding the vaccine that went inside the body. Yet, this can be quite dangerous too. There are two kinds of fever. The first one is the mild fever and the second one is the high fever. The mild fever is the one that will go down after you take the medicine. Yet, if you still have fever for few days after taking the medicine, you need to consult your condition to the doctor.


You do not need to worry if your kid suddenly vomits after few minutes getting the tetanus vaccine shot. This is quite common. That is why you need to let your kid rests after getting the injection. For your information, the vomit is usually followed by the mild drowsiness. So, there is nothing that you need to worry about.

However, there is one point that you need to highlight. Drowsiness means that your kid is still conscious. Make sure that your kid is still conscious. There are some cases of extreme drowsiness that lead into fainting. This is something that you need to worry about. If your kid suddenly faints after getting the injection, be very careful. There is a chance that the immune system of your kid is not strong enough to deal with the vaccine. That is why proper medication from the doctor might be needed.

For your consideration, those four side effects are actually something quite common. Yet, all of those side effects can also lead to the worse effects. Because of that reason, you need to pay a good attention of your kids after getting the tetanus vaccine. If you do not, you can be sure the mild tetanus vaccine side effects will go worse. If this happens, your kid will need more medical attention. So, be very careful with the side effects even though they are mild.

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